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213-19 VT2PRIB Corn

*113 RM

*Boasts great versatility across a wide range of soil types and yield environments.

*Excellent late season plan health/standability.

*Exceptionally heavy test weight helps to ensure maximum yield potential.

214-22 STXRIB Corn

*114 RM

*High yield potential in this Smartstax Hybrid.

*Very strong agronomic package with excellent late season standability.

*A solid greensnap score helps put your mind at ease during those July wind storms.

207-01 VTZPRIB Corn

*117 RM

*High yield potential across multiple yield environments with an excellent conversion into Smartstax, as well.

*Good ear flex and excellent dry down.

*Great agronomic package and greensnap tolerance.

2622 RXF - Roundup Ready Xtendflex Soybeans

*Good yield potential on both irrigated and dryland acres.

*Excellent IDC and Phytophthora tolerance.

*Xtendflex provides flexibility in your spray program; allowing for the use of Dicamba or Liberty.

2823 RXF - Roundup Ready Xtendflex Soybeans

*High yield potential on high fertility acres.

​*Good sudden death tolerance.

*Medium tall plants with good standability.

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